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Icefield MI-3 (Digital)

Icefield MI-3 (Digital)
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Model: MI-3

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The MI-3 series inclinometer / deviation tools can be used in singleshot, multishot, and/or cable (real time) modes. It is suitable for use in mining, oil & gas, and geotechnical applications.

Software options: MI3 tools come standard with software for Palm, Windows, and DOS. Data collection and tool operation can be performed with a Palm Pilot, ruggedized field computer, or laptop computer.

Slimline design: The deviation tool is available in a standard 25.4mm version (650m pressure rating), or a 33.4mm version with integral pressure barrel (3500m pressure rating). A pressure barrel is available for the 25.4mm tool.

Instant results: Our borehole inclinometer uses data from a miniature three-axis flux gate magnetometer and a three-axis accelerometer to determine the instrument orientation in space. The inclinometer operates in any orientation. Data is recorded electronically and results are available in real time (for cable operation) or shortly after the instrument is retrieved (singleshot and multishot operation). There are no films to develop and read, and there is no error-prone manual data entry to perform.

Magnetic diagnostics: The MI-03 series inclinometer have other advantages over film and gyro systems besides rapid data acquisition: the probes report on local magnetic dip and magnitude - such information can aid the operator in discarding data disturbed by local magnetization and can aid the geologist in analyzing the geology. The data also indicates whether the probe was stationary during the reading.

The inclinometer produces 26 different output parameters, including dip, azimuth, field strength, magnetic dip, magnetic toolface (high side), gravity toolface, and temperature.

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