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Pajari Instrument

Pajari Instrument
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Model: Pajari

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The Pajari is a single-shot, micro-mechanical borehole surveying instrument operated by a timing device.

Borehole direction is measured from the earth's magnetic field, accurate to +/- 0.5 degrees.

The Pajari provides both direction and inclination which can be used to define the attitude of the borehole at the survey depth.

Regular surveys at intervals as the borehole progresses will allow a plot of the borehole to be drawn from the data.
The Pajari is easy to use and maximizes profits by minimizing capital and operational costs.


  • Ideal for continuous or periodic service
  • No need for specialized training
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Up-holes, down-holes, horizontal or inclined holes of any angle can be surveyed without modification.
  • The azimuth and inclination can be read as soon as the instrument is retrieved from the hole - and the readings remain fixed until the next survey.
  • No films, batteries, hazardous liquids or other operating expendables are required.
  • Single shot surveying at the bottom as the hole progresses avoids errors caused by "magnetic cake" on the bore walls -- and identifies hole deviations in time for efficient decisions.

As a rental kit, the instrument will arrive complete with the following items:

  • Container
  • 15 feet Aluminum Rods
  • Spearhead Adaptor
  • Inner Tube Sub
  • Carrying Case
  • Wrenches
Pajari Instrument
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